how it works

Gather Your Squad

Assemble your team for an exciting adventure. Whether it's one team per booking or a friendly competition with split teams. The maximum team size is 6 players, and each available (green) time slot can take up to two groups.

Choose Your Maze

Pick the maze based on your favourite food theme. Contact us beforehand for any dietary concerns that are not addressed on the maze info pages.

Book and Get Set

Once booked you will receive a confirmation email with preparation instructions. Check your junk folder and explore FAQs for additional queries.

Start the Adventure

Head to the designated starting location, provided in the email. If with multiple teams, stagger start times by 5-10 mins to avoid following each other around. Click the link in your confirmation email to initiate the WhatsApp chat, immerse yourself in the story, and begin deciphering clues.

Explore, Savour, and Conquer

Navigate the city through treasure hunt-style riddles, unveiling each food milestone. The challenge is timed, so keep the pace! Food is included, and ordering instructions are provided. The timer is paused at each food stop for you to enjoy your dish, and savor the experience. Uncover the maze, complete the game, celebrate at the final location, and reveal your scores!


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