Allure and Appetite Satiated in London

Allure and Appetite Satiated in London

If traversing galaxies, consuming cultures and solving clues like London’s very own Sherlock Holmes sounds like your type of weekend, then you’ll absolutely adore this activity. London is known as the city that has everything. Gourmaze then entered the competitive, cultural space and is succeeding astronomically (those who have done a certain maze will get the reference) with a unique idea that blends mystery with moorish mouthfuls. Prepare yourself for a food tour of London like no other.

What is Gourmaze?

Gourmaze is a food tour crossed with the Amazing Race crossed with Cluedo. It’s chaotic, clever and classy all at once. From walking your way through London’s best areas to solving complex, yet doable, riddles and dining in places fit for the King himself, this is an afternoon or evening that will leave your brain reeling, taste buds pleading for more and dopamine levels at an all time high. If you’re looking for summer-inspired things to do in London, Gourmaze will definitely be a winner.

Each maze begins with a starting location, which is all accessible via the team captain’s mobile. The participants then start the maze by following the given confirmation instructions. Gourmaze then sends through riddles, prompts and GPS directions that the participants must solve in order to advance to the next clue and retrieve their sumptuous reward. Each reward is different depending on the maze that you picked.

It could be a smoking cocktail from a billionaire’s bar, it could be a pastry constructed with French elegance in mind, it could be Asian, spicy noodles or it could be pizza from the depths of Napoli. Each maze is themed and you can choose which one best suits your palette. Sweet person? Jump on their current Sweet Escape Trail. Prefer the salty? Try the Talisman Treats Trail. Thrive off a little bit of everything? Try the Time Travellers Space Bytes.

Gourmaze and Corporate Group Bookings

The company’s team of experts continuously updates the mazes around London, making this an activity that you can definitely do more than once. Gourmaze caters to corporate events and it would also make for a great team bonding experience. The fastest time wins, making it an exciting day out of the office, whilst also expanding the knowledge and efficiency of a team.

Eat and Drink your way through London

The team and maze curators at Gourmaze have thought of everything when it comes to designing a game fueled by food. The routes are curated with a local mindset, meaning that you discover an authentic side of London that you haven’t seen before. One of the coolest traits about Gourmaze is the secrecy. You won’t know where your designated eatery is until you’re right outside its door, after following the scattered stepping stones of the riddles. Dress with that hint in mind as you never know where you’ll end up and which part of London you’ll grace with your presence. You’ll be walking your way through London to get to each new location, so remember that when planning your outfit and shoes of the day.

Gourmaze has chosen some incredible restaurants, dessert bars, cocktail bars, eateries and bakeries that serve dream and drool-worthy dishes. Some have even won excellency awards due to their esteemed cuisine and customer satisfaction index. Without revealing too much, perhaps this will wet your appetite… A deep dive into the cinematic universe filled with timeless, classical sourdough pizzas smothered in double mozzarella cheese, dry ice cocktails, pistachio gelato, a trip down musical memory lane and a zesty, mango sorbet to round it all off. Need you know any more?

If racing to finish first isn’t really your thing, the maze can be completed at your own pace. Spend time at the places you’ve worked so hard to uncover. If you prefer a leisurely adventure, expect to set aside around 2-4 hours to complete the maze.

Gourmaze will have you eating, praying and loving your way through London in an unexpected and delightful way. Gourmaze is a food tour of London that will not dissapoint. They blend gastronomy with exploration and taste with trickery; the mazes take one’s thirst (and appetite) for knowledge to the extreme.

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